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You are a QueenBee!


You are a mother and more. 
You are a dreamer, a doer, a go-getter and a giver.


You are also busy.
So busy that many days you are counting down to bedtime, and not sure how to get through it all.
I get it. I get you.

You're an amazing mother, you keep on swimming... there is no time to sink. Yet...


Yet this whole work/life balance thing is stressing you out.
Is there such a thing? How can it possibly be attained?




Today we will stop using that pressure-filled term. No more.
There is no such thing…there is only flow.


You are a Queen Bee – with flow.


QueenBee Club is a place to empower moms to live help you create your own rhythm and 'balance', to inspire you to create a second stream of income, and build out an amazing passion project. And yes, getting dinner done too.

QueenBee Club is a place for support relating to the 'balance' equation and rediscovering your flow.

These are not homemakers hacks.

These are mindsets, strategies, hard facts, grouped with reality-bites and funny ...
(because if you don't laugh you'll cry) ... stories.


The QueenBee Club is a place for mothers that are inspired by life and bigger ideas.
A place for support to get through the day, and a place to help you get started on something else, something larger, even though you don't know where to start. 

QueenBee Club will help you find your inspiration again - it's not lost because you had kids...just blocked, and needs to brought back up again.


Join the QueenBee Club

Get solutions for work-life balance, health and living with MomFlow!

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Strengthen your relationship and have more fun
- even if you are too tired or busy to be intimate!

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